Z.O.N.A: Shadow of Lemansk Redux

Z.O.N.A: Shadow of Lemansk Redux

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Survive post-apocalyptic wasteland in Z.O.N.A Shadow of Lemansk Redux; deadly first-person shooter with stealth and exploration; immerse yourself in a story-driven game world.

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Z.O.N.A Shadow of Lemansk Redux is a captivating, narration-driven FPS game from AGaming+ that integrates lethal combat and covert operations with exploration and spine-chilling survival terror in a visually striking game world.

Initially, in 2014, the planet was ravaged by a catastrophe that destroyed a large portion of humanity, leaving Earth a barren wasteland. Only a few survivors took refuge in the Chernobyl Zone, and the world sank into the Dark Ages. It is currently 2034, and new generations have grown up in the Exclusion Zone; life appeared to be improving. However, a new calamity befell humanity, causing the temperature to plummet rapidly. As a result, people were forced to seek shelter in ancient subway tunnels.

You are Serioga, born right before the Earth melted, so you grew up in the ruins. When you found and gained control of the "X" bunker, you anticipated that the worst was over for those who lived through the disastrous war. Now, the people have food for many years and new weapons to aid in halting the violence that has continued for two decades. However, things turned out to be much worse than you had expected.

Note: The game offers the first two levels for free, and the remaining levels can be unlocked through micropayment upon completion.
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