Zombie Waves

Zombie Waves

Fun Formula

Game overview

Danger lurks around every corner in this zombie-infested post-apocalypse! Keep your wits sharp — the myriad infected will attempt to overwhelm you with their endless numbers the minute you step foot into the world.
Rally companions to your side as you attempt to unravel the truth behind the outbreak.
Test your survivalist mettle against a world intent on one goal: your demise!
Load up on ammo, cull the shambling hordes that block your way, and stand your ground as a beacon of hope in humanity’s darkest hour!

Gameplay Features:
- One-handed Controls: Single-handedly mow down hordes of mutant horrors
- Craft tactics and synergies based around 100+ roguelite skills and gamebreaking ultimate abilities
- A multitude of stage scenarios for an immersive tooth-and-nail survival experience
- A grotesque conglomeration of formidable bosses that will attempt to thwart your progress at every turn
Fun Formula
Release date
Sep 27, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

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