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Survive, fight and solve the mystery of Zombie High School with up to 8 players in real-time, featuring infection, attack, escape, and team-play modes.

Step right up and join in the fun of Zombie High School - a real-time mobile game where you can play with up to eight other players simultaneously. But wait, what's this? Instead of normal high school students studying, dating, and partying, there are zombies everywhere? That's right, and rumor has it that this was no accident - it was planned by someone. That's where you come in - as one of the students, it's up to you to investigate the situation and uncover the secret behind Zombie High School. But beware, the road ahead won't be easy. You'll have to fight off hordes of zombies and navigate secret paths in order to survive. Choose from one of three modes to play: Infection, Attack on Zombie, or Cops & Robbers. In Infection Mode, one player becomes a zombie and the rest must run away to survive. The longer you last, the greater your reward. In Attack on Zombie, fight through the story to unravel the mysteries of the school and overcome the waves of dangerous zombies - and remember, teamwork is key. Finally, in Cops & Robbers, get your strategy ready for a 4 on 4 versus match. The human team must break all the switches, while the zombie team tries to catch all the humans. If all that sounds like too much action, why not relax in the Community Channel? Play with up to 100 players in the same server and chat, hang out, and play mini-games in a safe environment. So what are you waiting for? Enter Zombie High School now and show those zombies who's boss. If you have any issues, don't hesitate to contact our customer support team - we're here to help. Please note that certain permissions are required in order to play the game, including phone number validation, microphone access for gameplay recording, and storage access to check contents on your SD card.
Release date
Mar 23, 2014

Gameplay & Streams

[좀비고 픽셀드라마] 1화 : 사라진 방학의 전야제Awesomepiece
zombie highschool dark kitchen IOS android gameplayanonim antoni


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