Zombie Attack Girls

Zombie Attack Girls

Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Visual Novel

Game overview


It’s just another normal day at high school… until you stop by the nurse’s office and find one of your classmates hunched over another, covered in blood, and the sounds of slurping fill your ears. It doesn’t take long to piece two and two together—there’s a zombie virus spreading!

While everyone is desperate to escape, your survival-loving classmate is fired up and ready for action! The two of you team up with two other girls—a childhood friend and a timid loner who seems to have a dark side. Can you dodge the zombies without getting distracted by the advances of your cute teammates?


Natsumi — The Social Butterfly

Who could have guessed your childhood friend would become so popular? Natusmi may have a lot of friends, but when disaster strikes, you realize she’s still the quiet and thoughtful girl you once knew. Over the years, the two of you have grown apart, but now she seems eager to rekindle past feelings. Will you let her back in or keep her at arm’s length?

Asuka — The Survival Specialist

Fiery and outspoken, Asuka never lets her comrades sleep on the job. She fights for what she wants and will do anything to get it! At first, you see her advances as overwhelming, but that sort of go-getter attitude is just what you need to survive a zombie apocalypse. Will you let her steal your heart or is she just another teammate?

Hijiri — The Dual-Natured Fighter

At first glance, Hijiri’s just another high school girl. Quiet and well-mannered, she’s not one to take up a leadership role. You can easily miss her in a crowd, but when the zombie apocalypse hits, you watch in disbelief as she charges to the front lines! She’s no longer the timid girl you knew, but a fighter who fights just as hard as she kisses. Will you take this two-for-one deal or is she just a little too much for you to handle?
Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Release date
Oct 10, 2022
Visual Novel
Single player

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