Zombidle: Remonstered

Zombidle: Remonstered

Berzerk Studio
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Game overview

Be the baddest of all the badasses in Zombidle, an evil tap game filled with zombies, monsters, and pillaged loot. Best idle game 2016.

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Welcome to Zombidle, the newest idle game from Berzerk Studio. Join Bob, a necromancer, and his group of evil companions to wreak havoc across the kingdom of Goodlandia and become the ultimate bad guy. Add to your evilitude and tap your way to the top of the fiery pit of clicker hell.

If being evil isn't enough for you, why not engage in some corporate management abuse? Trick your zombies and monsters into doing the heavy lifting while you sit back and enjoy the spoils of their labor, idle game style.

The game features a variety of evil zombies and undead monsters to aid you in your quest for evil domination. Use your skills to become the deadliest sloth known to man and torment the peaceful citizens of Goodlandia. Pillage and plunder numerous towns for some seriously awesome loot.

Take advantage of subterranean real estate without any of the paperwork. The game is available in the majority of languages, including Hodor.

Zombidle has received numerous accolades including "best idle game of 2016" and "best zombie game of 2016." It's even been named the "best clicker game with flaming dudes on fire of 2016." Additionally, it's been recognized for its contribution to real estate exams and included in the "top 10 zombie car simulators set in a dystopian future."

Whether you're into idle games, tap games, or just love being the ultimate bad guy, Zombidle is the perfect game for you.
Berzerk Studio
Release date
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

Zombidle - All game complete in 1 hour! [speedrun level 29250]Spulgeo
Zombidle: REMONSTERED | HD GameplaySplazer Productions
Zombidle Remonstered - Idle Clicker Game that will turn you into a ZombieIczel Gaming
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