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Zio and the Magic Scrolls

Game overview

An AFK RPG where players collect and enhance 12 magic scrolls used in auto-battles against warlocks, dragons, and demons, while exploring a vast world and uncovering Zio's true identity.

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Experience the Thrill of Magic Scrolls and Accomplish the Impossible!"

Are you ready to explore the wizarding land of 'Aerok' and become the strongest mage in history? With the help of magic scrolls created by the great Zio, now even ordinary humans can harness the power of magic.

However, peace doesn't last for long. The war between mages and warlocks continues, and to make matters worse, some are trying to bring the strongest warlock back to life. The fate of the land hangs in the balance as the Gods, demons, and dragons begin to intervene.

In this auto battle game, choose from 5 heroes with unique abilities and utilize the power of magic scrolls to your advantage. The battles and skill use are automatic, making this an AFK RPG. Activate magic scrolls for some exhilarating special moves when the situation turns dire.

As a magic scroll master, strategically collect and enhance a total of 12 magic scrolls with various abilities ranging from magic to black magic. Only 3 magic scrolls can be used in battle at a time, so choose wisely and carefully. Each magic scroll requires different amounts of mana, so keep that in mind too.

Explore the vast world of Aerok with Zio, the former archmage turned ordinary scroll merchant. Uncover the fascinating story and hidden episodes of the heroes with vivid, comic-like narratives. With the help of Teamwork and Break the Limit, level up all heroes quickly and easily.

In addition to the exciting adventure and storyline, there are many other features to enjoy. Crafting and enhancing scrolls at the 'Manadonna' scroll shop, conducting research at 'Lucas Lab', and even forming a 'Magic Guild' with friends to socialize and conduct magic research. Take on daily changing dungeons, the Demon King Tower, and the Duel Circle.

Choose your faction among the mages, warlocks, and pilgrims and engage in a Magic War to occupy enemy territory. And for those seeking a real challenge, take on the dragons in the Boss Raid to bring eternal glory to your guild.

With abundant rewards and never-ending adventure, the Kingdom of Aerok awaits you. Experience the thrill of magic scrolls and accomplish the impossible!
Super Planet
Release date
Dec 30, 2021


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