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ZeroVector is an endless retro arcade vertical shoot ‘em up, with four different bosses, items to pick up, a special reversal ability, and a multiplayer Conquest mode.

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ZeroVector is an incredible retro arcade vertical shoot’em up game that offers non-stop, exciting gameplay. Test your skills and battle through endless waves of enemy ships to see how far you can make it, all while aiming for the highest score possible. Players will have the chance to encounter four different bosses, each with unique firing patterns and strategies.

Throughout your journey, you will come across various items like shields, EMP, bombs, and weapon upgrades to help you in your fight. You can stack items like shields and EMP to gain added protection and strength. One notable ability is the REVERSAL option. This ability charges every 20 seconds, which players can activate by tapping a second finger on the screen or double-tapping, flipping your enemy's bullets into seeking missiles to help you evade difficult situations and achieve epic clears.

The game's 0.2 update introduced a new multiplayer mode, Conquest. In this game mode, players can compete against other players in three separate factions, red, blue, and purple, to capture and control hexagonal sectors on a global map. Players will capture a sector for their faction by achieving the highest score, with scores slowly decaying over time. It's vital to defend already conquered sectors while simultaneously trying to take nearby unoccupied territories to gain protection. The game's innovative, two-dimensional leaderboard system adds to the Conquest mode's excitement, offering a new experience for players.

Join our Discord community and discuss the game with fellow fans and the developers. Share strategies, discuss ideas, and become part of the ZeroVector community. Don't miss out on this fantastic game!
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