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Save the cure for cancer by filling in missing parts of a puzzle equation in this comedy puzzle game, complete with an 80s-inspired storyline and various puzzle types and mechanics.

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Professor Claire Liddy, your mentor and the mind behind a mathematical solution for the cancer treatment is murdered and unable to finish it. Luckily, she managed to smudge much of the critical signs with her bloody hand, making it impossible for the killers to seize the discovery.

It is now up to you to restore the missing parts of the equation and conclude her legacy. Get ready to make history all over again and cure cancer - one puzzle at a time! And did we mention it's a comedy?

- An unprecedented puzzle game with a storyline reminiscent of the 80s action movies!
- Puzzle gameplay that is sure to challenge and enhance your intellect.
- Real-life actors and full motion video green screen cinematics to put you in the middle of the action.
- A wide range of puzzles from melting puzzles to number puzzles to keep things exciting.
- NO mention of the candy, cupcakes, or any sweet flavors throughout the game.
- Daily Challenge Mode - Ten new puzzles to solve every day.
- Time Trial mode - Try to outdo your time in solving randomized puzzles.
- Completely independently developed and published to support local artists and creators.

*Disclaimer: We take parenting very seriously! The game development process did not compromise any family responsibilities. The game, however, is worth taking some time off from parenting - just a close second to fatherhood!
Sean Kearney
Release date
May 16, 2018
Single player

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