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Grow and lead magical creatures into battle against the Evil Lord CO the 2nd while learning about climate change in real-time in ZEEDZ.

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Join the hype for the hottest new game, Zeedz - the Play-for-Purpose edition! In this thrilling adventure, you'll collect mystical Zeedles and lead them into battle against the nefarious Evil Lord CO the 2nd. Real-time weather events will challenge you to use your wits and knowledge about our planet to fight against climate change.

Embark on an extraordinary gaming experience with these fantastic features:

- CHOOSE A STARTER ZEED FOR FREE: Begin your journey by selecting a Windy, Rainy, or Sunny Zeed.
- ELEVATE YOUR ZEED: Level-up and evolve your Zeed into a powerful and majestic Zeedle.
- CAPTURE OVER 140 UNIQUE ZEEDLES: Add new, rare Zeedles every week with Pack Drops, and watch your team grow.
- PLANT YOUR ZEEDLES: Plant them in real-world locations and watch them gather weather resources based on live weather conditions.
- BATTLE THE EVIL LORD CO THE 2ND: Build your team and select from Tank, Healer, and Buffer Zeedles to lead in epic battles against the Dark Tower forces.
- EARN VALUABLE RESOURCES: Bloomz, Fruiz, and weather resources all bring you one step closer to unlocking epic characters and items.
- LEARN: Seek out enchanted Gemz hidden all over the world to discover secret knowledge about our planet.
- SKILLFUL ZEEDLES: Choose to boost your Zeedles' abilities in your preferred skills.
- BUILD A BOND WITH YOUR ZEEDLES: Engage with your team daily and raise their levels of friendship to unlock new features.

As a company, Zeedz takes a significant portion of their profits to fund sustainable projects around the world in collaboration with their sustainability partner, The Gold Standard.

Be part of a movement and start playing Zeedz today!


Contact Zeedz for their Terms and Conditions, How-to-Play Guide, the Team, Story, and other exciting information. Their official website is, and you can also follow them on Twitter @zeedz_official, Instagram @zeedz_offical, and Tiktok @zeedz_official. Find the Terms & Conditions at, and the Privacy policy at
Zeedz GmbH
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Oct 15, 2023
Single player

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