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Experience epic battles with legendary warriors in the immersive world of《少年猛將傳》. Dominate the realm and conquer your enemies with stunning visuals and diverse gameplay.

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Brothers Reignited: Relive Your Youthful Days of Conquest" with "Legend of Young Warriors", a beautifully designed game packed with young, gorgeous warlords by several prominent artists. From the mighty warlord Cao Cao, charming beauty Xiao Qiao, peerless warrior Zhao Yun, to the one and only Liu Bei who seeks to revive the Han Dynasty, you will engage in fierce battles with these historical figures as you create your very own kingdom in this era of youthful rulership. Join forces with your siblings to fulfill your ultimate dream of dominating the world of the Three Kingdoms!

"Powerful Showdown: The Arrival of the Golden Generals, with a Single Strike Worth Over a Billion!" It's easy and diverse to develop your warriors, with countless variations in their relationships and skillsets. As you battle it out with thousands of other players, your armies will clash with formidable enemies, but with the help of Golden Generals, you'll have what it takes to conquer the chaotic times of the Three Kingdoms, and feel the thrill of delivering blows worth billions!

"Stress-Free Fun with Daily Gold Gifts!" The least stressful Three Kingdoms game is all about having a blast! With daily gold sales and additional lavish rewards, you'll be able to build an army of the most extravagant warriors you can find, and rule the Three Kingdoms without breaking a sweat. Novices can also claim bonuses such as abundant gold and splendid hero costumes and grab free to VIP passes. There's such a plethora of awesome prizes, you don't even need to worry about not using them all!

"Warriors with Ferocity: Conquering Enemies through Powerful Teamwork" With the unique co-combat system, you can strategize your moves for endless possibilities on the battlefield. With hundreds of possible combinations, you can command all the warlords within the realm of the Three Kingdoms to fight under your order. As you unleash your cooperative abilities with countless stunning animations and satisfying visual effects, you'll feel the raw excitement of mowing down your enemies on the frontlines!

"Worldwide Battle with Unified Brotherhood: Dominating the Three Kingdoms Together!" The incredible game mechanics of "Young Warriors of Legend" include conquering cities, seizing territories, cross-server wars, and much more! Join your legion to crush the enemies together and dominate an entire city, from the fierce battles to the complex strategies, the cinematic experience of leading your army to victory and becoming the top ruler is something you simply cannot miss.

Note: "Young Warriors of Legend" is rated as a supplementary level 12 game according to the Republic of China's video game rating system. This game features costumes and outfits that highlight the game's characters without sexual implications, combat or attack scenes, and minor horror scenes. This game also includes language that may be considered vulgar but not offensive. This game is free to play, but in-app purchases of virtual game coins and items are available. Please take measures to avoid addiction and excessive playtime.
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