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Get the ultimate live experience in the new era of entertainment with unique characters crossing space and time. Your interactions bring presents to life.

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Welcome to the new era of live entertainment with the app, "Yougene Live." The application introduces you to unique and charming characters who appear right beside you, transcending time and space. Get your hands on "Yougene Live" now and experience the cutting-edge of live entertainment.

Unlike the conventional one-way communication system of live streaming platforms, "Yougene Live" offers real-time interaction. When you send a gift, the character on stage instantly receives it. You can watch them hold or use the gift, and even read your name and comments, or play a game with all the users. This app offers the finest quality of entertainment by sharing the same time and space.

Using 3D and AR technology, "Yougene Live" creates a new kind of live experience. You can dress your favorite character with any clothing and accessories you want, with a single click, all in a 3D space. During the live show, you can even use AR to project the character into your surroundings and watch them in any angle you desire. Experience the live show with your own personal space.

Furthermore, "Yougene Live VR," a Meta Quest 2 compatible app, offers enhanced realism to the entertainment. You can enjoy live shows in VR space with a 360-degree view by connecting to "Yougene Live VR." The characters come to life in human-size, talking, singing, and dancing in front of you, closing the gap between reality and fantasy. Witness the next generation of technology with vivid and lively characters just inches away from you.

Get in touch with us at STAR STUDIOS PRESENTS if you have any queries. For more information about "Yougene Live," visit our official website. Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest updates about the app.
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