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YASUHATI is a voice-controlled game with beat running and jumping elements. Over 500,000 downloads on PC version.

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The PC version of the game has already surpassed 500,000 downloads, making it a massive success! Introducing the magical phrase, "YASUHATI"... Make sure not to let the 8th beat stop! Are you someone who loves chatting with friends? Well, get ready for an even more thrilling talk time! What's fascinating about this game is that you can use your voice to play. For instance, you move forward with a soft voice, jump with a loud voice, and make a high jump with a bigger voice. You can also sing songs, call out specific words, perform live or read aloud stories. Endeavour to play with your own style!

What's even more exciting is that everyone can enjoy watching each other's game live videos, so search for them on your favourite SNS and have a fantastic time! You get to watch Eighth Note! Running on Stage! We are continuously working on creating a more fun and enjoyable game, and we promise to do our best.

If, for any reason, the game doesn't work, please check the following steps. Firstly, head to your Android terminal setting and set the microphone (recording) permission under the application (privacy) setting for"YASUHATI". To change the recording sensitivity, adjust the microphone sensor bar on the bottom of the game screen from left to right. Lastly, if there's a problem, uninstall the application and then install it again. For the first start, select "Allow" when you are asked to select the recording permission.

We are grateful for your cooperation and support with the official version since there are rampant fake editions, which we are struggling with. The official version of this game is made in Japan, and we appreciate you using the authentic version of YASUHATI.

Please note that this software is the official version provided by the original author, and by downloading it, you agree to the terms of use. A list of the official version distribution sites is available, and for information in various languages, you can search, in Japanese, "休むな!8分音符ちゃん♪(よみ:はちぶおんぷちゃん)", in English, "YASUHATI original" "Don't stop! Eighth Note (8th note)", and in Chinese, "簡体字:不要停!八分音符酱♪"(繁体字:不要停!八分音符醬♪).
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Single player

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