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Dramatic RPG with "Yakuza" characters. Free 10x gacha everyday & new storylines. Recommended for Yakuza fans & simple yet exciting battles.

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Get a chance to draw 10 consecutive gachas every day for FREE worth 1,000 diamonds!!

Introducing "Ryu ga Gotoku Online", a dramatic battle RPG featuring characters from the "Ryu ga Gotoku" series! Enjoy collaboration characters that go beyond the series, along with unique features that can only be found in social games!

■ Brand new story written by the "Ryu ga Gotoku Studio"!
The "Ryu ga Gotoku Studio" staff, who have been involved in the popular series, came together to develop this app! Unveil unknown stories of past popular characters and stories never told in the "Ryu ga Gotoku" series!

1, A new chapter begins: The story of Ryuji Goda!
Follow Ryuji Goda, one of the popular characters from the "Ryu ga Gotoku" series, in his younger years in the story. Suddenly, Ryuji is notified of his disbandment and is expelled from the yakuza society. He goes on a journey throughout the country and meets with various adventures.

2, The story of a new main character, "Kasuga Ichiban"!
Experience the story of hot-blooded men fighting to the death in the underworld centered around the new main character, "Kasuga Ichiban". What fate awaits them after the great battle in Kabukicho, Tokyo?
Kasuga becomes the substitute for his boss, Masumi Arakawa, and goes to prison at his request. However, 17 years later when he gets released from prison, the Kabukicho he used to know has been completely transformed, and he is faced with the sight of Arakawa pointing a gun at him.

3, Play the story of the first "Ryu ga Gotoku" game!
The story mode of Ryu Online includes "Kiryu Kazuma Den", where you can enjoy the story from the first "Ryu ga Gotoku" game! Experience the human drama of "Dohjima's Dragon" meeting a girl and forging his destiny in RPG form.

■ Easy! Exhilarating!! Fighting battles!!
Carry on the unique world of "Ryu ga Gotoku" with fighting battles! Master the art of street br
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