Xterium: War of Alliances

Xterium: War of Alliances


Game overview

Xterium (War of Alliances) - strategy game set in space. Build your space empire today and compete against other players to become the ruler of the Universe!
Research technologies, build new buildings, craft spaceships and arsenals, hire senators and fight stellaris battles to become the ruler of an entire galaxy.

You do not need to play according to a certain plan, develop a strategy for the development of the empire on your own. Strengthen your weaknesses and hone strengths. Prove that you can become the best ruler of the galaxy!

Declaring wars, making alliances, trading with other players, you can build your own policy to achieve the goals of your space empire. You decide what relations to establish with other empires.
It's up to you to be a peaceful diplomat or a formidable dictator!

There are several ways to develop your empire in Xterium.

Get resources and send them to your allies and friends. In this case, you will contribute to their rapid development, and they will be able to protect you from an unexpected attack with their powerful fleet. During a war, a powerful multi-player economy can turn the outcome of an entire war. There are tricks in any strategy!

You can also defend your empire yourself, with the help of defensive structures and shield domes. Xterium has a wide range of defensive structures, namely: 21 types of defense, 3 types of shield domes and 4 unique prime units.
But not only defense can protect your planet!

Most planets have special unexplored places, called anomalies. Studying them can give you a strategic advantage on the planet. You can strengthen the shields and their recovery or increase the attack. Anomalies can also increase the production of mines, which contribute to the improvement of the planet's economy.

If the development of the economy of the planet and mines is not for you. Develop your army and mine resources with the help of your fleet by attacking the planets of other emperors across the galaxy.
It is important to constantly upgrade your space fleet by researching new technologies and installing more powerful upgrades. Fortunately, Xterium's military-economic strategy offers ample opportunities. Think over your strategy in advance.

Choose from 21 combat units for every taste.
For success in space battle, any worthy emperor constantly takes care of the modernization of his army. This can play an important role in world conquest.

Give an order to research weapon technologies. This will increase their firepower. The game features 4 weapon modules, 3 types of armor and shields, and 4 types of engines. And that's just combat technology.

In addition to technology, you can also improve performance with the help of arsenali. Making combat missions to one of the three enemy sectors of the Host: Barbarians, Pirates or Distroyers. You will be able to find unique parts and blueprints. These rare rewards, you can sell on the market to other emperors or strengthen your own space fleet by creating arsenali. The game features 44 arsenali to modernize and increase the combat power of your fleet.

There are further ways to improve the fleet and defense. Earning mods for completing contracts, you can send your fleet to the modernization center for a unique revision. Talented craftsmen will be able to add new types of combat weapons to ready-made spaceships, increase the recovery of shields, or add a double-shot and shield module. It all depends on your strategy.

Managing an entire empire, let alone conquering the entire galaxy, is not easy. Therefore, senators and officers are always ready to help you. For a small fee in the form of dark matter or stellar ore, they will gladly help you with any question.
Release date
Jan 13, 2022
Single player

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