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Xterium: War of Alliances

Game overview

Xterium is a space strategy game where you build your empire, research technologies, and fight stellaris battles to become the ruler of the galaxy. Interact with other players, explore anomalies, and upgrade your fleet and defense to conquer the universe.

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Embark on an epic journey through space with Xterium (War of Alliances), a thrilling strategy game that challenges you to build your own space empire and compete with other players to become the ruler of the Universe. In this game, you will research technologies, construct buildings, craft spaceships, and weapons, hire senators, and engage in battles to prove your worth as the most powerful ruler in the galaxy.

Xterium allows you to play the game as you prefer, without being restricted to a particular plan. You can devise your strategy for the development of your empire, amplifying your strengths and guarding your weaknesses. Make your way to the top by demonstrating leadership skills that are second to none.

You will interact with other players by declaring war, forging alliances, trading resources, and establishing diplomatic relations. With Xterium, you have the freedom to choose whether to be a peaceful diplomat or a ruthless dictator. The game presents several ways to develop your empire, including economic excellence.

Economic excellence involves gathering resources and sending them to your allies and friends to boost their development, while they, in turn, protect you from unexpected attacks with their powerful fleets. This way, a powerful, multiplayer economy can tilt the scales of an entire war in your favor - with the right tricks and strategies.

You can also defend your empire with defensive structures and shield domes, with 21 types of defense, 3 types of shield domes, and 4 unique primary units at your disposal. However, with anomalies present on most planets, you can strengthen your planet's shields, increase attacks, and raise the production of mines, improving the planet's economy.

Suppose you are interested in military conquest, in that case, you can develop your army and extract resources using your fleet by attacking the planets of other emperors scattered across the galaxy. Upgrading your space fleet by researching new technologies and installing powerful upgrades is critical in achieving success in space battles.

The fleet comprises 21 combat units for various preferences, and researching weapon technologies are a vital part of military excellence since it increases firepower. The game features 4 weapon modules, 3 types of armor and shields, and 4 types of engines.

Furthermore, arsenals can enhance your fleet's performance- take part in combat missions to the enemy sectors of the Barbarians, Pirates, or Destroyers, and uncover unique parts and blueprints to sell on the market, strengthening your own space fleet. The game features 44 arsenals to improve and amplify your fleet's combat prowess.

The modernization center offers another way to advance your fleet and defense- completing contracts earns you mods to send your fleet to the modernization center for an exclusive revision. Craftsmen will create new combat weapons to spaceships, increase shield recovery, or add a double-shot and shield module, depending on your strategy.

Managing an entire empire and conquering a galaxy is no easy task, but with senators and officers ready to offer their assistance, you can scale higher heights. For a small fee in the form of dark matter or stellar ore, they will help you with all your queries.Embark on an epic journey through space with Xterium and claim dominion over the galaxy!
Release date
Jan 13, 2022
Single player

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