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Xander the Monster Morpher: Universe Breaker

Game overview

Xander the Monster Morpher: catch, train, and fuse together monsters with customizable moves and perks. 100+ monsters, 200+ attacks, and a 15+ hour story.

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Xander the Monster Morpher is a fast-paced game where players can catch, train, and merge a large variety of monsters together, instead of relying on the traditional turn-based gameplay. Each monster has their own unique attacks and abilities, allowing players to mix and match in any way they want. The game offers the opportunity to create your monster from scratch by fusing different attacks and perks. The best part is that you can choose the appearance of your new creature!

The game boasts over 100 monsters, more than 200 attacks, and over 100 perks. It includes a 15-hour story, which can be extended depending on your playstyle. Xander the Monster Morpher also features a one-handed accessibility mode, optional sub-bosses, minigames, and arena challenges.

The exciting plot begins when the main character, Xander, is found in the woods, looking like a giant blue frog. Players follow Xander's journey as he discovers his new powers and finds himself answering the call to adventure by a strange voice in his head. The game's cutscenes are animated and feature many plot twists. Characters throughout the game deceive each other, lie, and undergo onscreen death (non-graphic). One thing that sets this game apart is its witty puns and one-liners. However, players should be prepared for some scary moments and gut-wrenching scenes that may bring a tear to your eyes.

The game also allows players the chance to catch rare, shiny monsters. With multiple forms that change based on their environment, monsters offer endless possibilities. Players can battle in Nuzlocke mode where death is permanent, or they can explore the challenging Randomizer mode where every monster is shuffled. The final boss can even appear as a level 1 common monster in the first route.

Xander the Monster Morpher offers free DLCs. The game updates regularly with new monsters, events, and additional storyline. Players who follow the game's Twitter or Discord will be informed when these events are released.
Release date
Sep 29, 2019
Single player


Xander the Monster Morpher: Universe Breaker Easy Any% OLD PB 47:18Patrick Scheffel
Xander the Monster Morpher TrailerKaratkuro
Xander the Monster Morpher - Google Play TrailerKaratkuro
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