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Worlds Builder

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Game overview

Enter a sandbox world of endless possibilities and build your own civilization from scratch with magic and force of nature in the World Builder game!

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Are you fond of sandbox-based building games? Then, look no further than World Builder - the ultimate building game crafted especially for you!

This building world simulator sandbox game places you in the shoes of an all-powerful, mighty world builder who possesses the magic power to shape and build their own universe.

As the deity and master of this brand-new world, you hold the power to unleash the forces of nature to divide land from the seas, stimulate evolution, and construct your own civilization to perfection.

Begin the game by creating a small piece of land and establishing your first village with some mines, houses, and a sawmill, thanks to the engaging building simulation gameplay.

Manage your land as the ultimate ruler, and eventually, transform your community into a thriving city, teeming with verdant forests, wheat fields, and blue rivers.

Train and hire settlers to expand and grow your gaming world with the crafting of a vast range of items while you focus on raising production levels and extracting valuable minerals.

Engage with trading game mechanics to dispatch merchant ships and caravans, and guide your brave explorers to scour the land for rare treasures in this exciting game!

The World Builder game offers something for everyone, whether it's a simulator game about creating a world, a game focused on controlling the forces of nature, building, growing civilization, crafting, or trading. You can create your own dream world without any restrictions or charge! Isn't that an excellent opportunity?

World Builder places the power of god-mode in your hands to transform an open sandbox game world without any limits. You can use dozens of magic reactions to create new landscape game elements and minerals, providing a whole new gaming experience.

Test your construction skills by building and upgrading everything, ranging from humble huts to grand stone palaces and from primitive workshops to real factories.

Plan your production, search for resources, and gain new technologies in this economic strategy gameplay. If you want to play as a merchant, indulge in trading game mechanics and travel via land, water, and air. Unlock unique skills and train settlers to become experts, thereby turning them into pivotal members of your community.

Want to engage in cooperation and competition with other players? No worries, you can join a clan and participate in exciting epic world and city building game tournaments that open every week.

The creators of the highly acclaimed Doodle GOD, Doodle Devil, and Doodle Mafia games developed WORLD Builder. It is a completely free-to-play game; however, you can purchase in-game items with real money to hasten your world's development.

Unleash your creative prowess and enter the fascinating and limitless world of World Builder today!
JoyBits Ltd.
Release date
Oct 22, 2019

Gameplay & Streams

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