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Lead your army to victory, rebuilding bases, forming alliances, researching new technologies, and becoming the new leader of the world in this war for power and glory.

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Join the battle for supremacy and honor in an endless global war where opposing armies clash with devastating consequences. As fire scorches the skies and debris falls all around, a war-torn world is now nothing but ruins in desperate need of a new commander.

Infuse new life into destroyed bases, lead your armies to new victories and reclaim lost territories- the future of the world rests on your shoulders. Unite with other like-minded commanders from around the world to form formidable alliances. With every new technology researched, every rebel defeated you inch closer to personal glory.

The stakes are high and the challenges more daunting. You must use your tactical acumen to stifle your opponents and claim your rightful place at the top of the world order.


All around the world, people have fallen and cities have crumbled. The rebels have plagued and wrecked the remaining military bases. Your sole mission is to lead your army to defeat the rebels and reclaim your base.

Your base is your lifeline, here you can recruit troops, gather resources and research technology. As you keep on building and expanding, you gain power and destroy your surrounding rebels to keep your base safe and plunder more resources.


Under your charismatic command, your base thrives, living conditions improve and people are finally relishing a better life. The city is now a magnet attracting merchants, troops, researchers and people from all walks of life. However, other commanders’ envy is simmering, and they are plotting to plunder your resources. Joining an alliance is paramount to your survival, as it will enable you to work together and support each other through thick and thin.


Expanding your territory and exterminating your enemies is essential to your survival, and with hundreds of commanders and thousands of armies at your disposal, you are uniquely positioned to achieve your objectives. Destroying your enemies’ bases and expanding your jurisdiction will enable you to rule the world.

This massive world is made of players who speak different languages, come from different cultures and have diverse backgrounds. As Commander, the world is your oyster. Are you ready to lead your army to conquer the world and earn lifelong glory?
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