GamesWorld of Water (Early Access)

Game overview

Explore and conquer the undersea world in World of Water! Plan, recruit, and battle to become King of the Oceans in this unique match-3 and strategy game.

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Dive into the World of Water and embark on an undersea adventure filled with mystery and treasures hidden amongst the colorful corals and seagrass. Explore the breathtaking Great Barrier Reef as you establish your home, assemble troops, and confront lurking enemies in the dark abyss. Rise through the ranks and crown yourself as the ultimate King of the Oceans. The tale of your conquest awaits!

Build your own unique Ocean Base, starting from the small Seaweed Bed up to the massive Coral Reef. Upgrade buildings and research evolution to ensure the prosperity of your home. Train troops and develop your marine habitat to fuel your progress. Match-3 Battles allow you to eliminate puzzle pieces while defeating your enemies, making for a relaxing yet entertaining gameplay experience.

Recruit Mysterious Heroes to join you and help set forth on your legendary expedition through the deep sea. These powerful creatures can become your trusted partners and aid you in discovering the ocean's mysteries. Customize troops and formations to adapt to changes on the battlefield. Carefully select the appropriate combination of Heroes and troops to defeat enemy oppositions.

Join a robust alliance to compete in battles alongside allies from around the globe. The deep sea is abundant in creatures and resources, some of which may become your opponents. Under your alliance's banner, you emerge as an unstoppable force. Any questions or concerns can be directed to the in-game GM or via other communication channels such as the Official Facebook, Official Discord, or email us at We're always ready and willing to help!
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