World of Tanks: Blitz

World of Tanks: Blitz

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Game overview

World of Tanks Blitz - an action-packed mobile MMO shooter with over 400 historically accurate World War II tanks, 25 different battle arenas, and multiplayer gameplay.

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Immerse yourself in a truly massive multiplayer online shooter available on your mobile device! Join millions of players from around the globe and hop into your first full-scale tank battle, fighting on a 7x7 format, and ultimately emerging victorious! Check out the immense range of vehicles, maps, modes, and tactics available in this online tank shooter game!

Experience an expansive and thrilling world of tanks, filled with historically accurate World War II vehicles from a multitude of countries such as the USSR, Germany, France, Japan, Great Britain, China, the USA, and more. You can drive experimental vehicles that have been brought to life based on real-life engineers' blueprints, vehicles inspired by popular anime series, and fortified monsters from alternative universes. With over 400 vehicles at your disposal, there's no shortage of options!

This PVP shooting online war game boasts a well-developed progression system allowing for consistent growth as you rise through the ranks. Research an array of vehicles, ranging from Tier I tanks to monstrous Tier X machines. Make modifications to the guns, customize your equipment, and apply camouflage to enhance your chances of success in battle. Adapt your combat vehicle to accommodate your playstyle, the battle type specifics, or mode.

Boredom is not an option – no tank battle is identical! Regular in-game events featuring Collector and Premium tanks as rewards alternate with new game modes that will revolutionize your perception of army multiplayer shooting games.

Explore a vast array of maps, where tank battles will take place on a variety of distinctive arenas. Experience Normandy at the time of World War II's turning point, the post-apocalyptic Wasteland scorched by a radioactive sun, the Mediterranean coast with its ancient ruins, and a snow-covered base at the end of the world, to name a few. There are over 25 battle arenas, each with its unique set of features.

In this multiplayer game, you're never alone. Want to team up with a friend? Create a platoon and work together to annihilate your enemies. Want to accomplish even more? Join a clan to fight as part of a pack of like-minded players, working together to achieve glory in Rating Battles or participate in tournaments with prizes!

Expect nothing less than a spectacular visual experience. The game is automatically optimized for your device, ensuring highly detailed tank models, massive explosions, flying blown-off turrets, and all-around eye-catching features. Manual settings will help you find the perfect balance between stunning visuals and high FPS.

World of Tanks Blitz isn't just an ordinary war game or shooter – it's a tank universe that lives, breathes, and evolves on your phone or tablet. Don't wait any longer to enter the game and ignite your engine! This game is suitable for adults and children over 12 years old, requires at least 2.5 GB of free space, and an Internet connection. Visit to learn more. 2021
Wargaming Group
Release date
Dec 03, 2014


Darmfrom Skich app
Обновы полное говно игра по типу Pay to win...
simon12skfrom Skich app
from Skich app
Скучнейшая игра в мире. Подходит только для старперов и мужиков подпивасников, чтобы сыграть после смены на заводе...
from Skich app
Хорошея игра
from Skich app
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8  8
8 8from Skich app
Топ но Каму как

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