World End Girlfriend

World End Girlfriend

Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Visual Novel

Game overview


You've lived in Bunker 612 your entire life. After a devastating war brought the world to its knees, you're all that's left of humanity... right?

Everything you thought you knew is destroyed after your bunker is attacked. Now it's up to you and your best friends to scout the surface and secure a new home for the remaining humans. The road will be dangerous, but the companions you meet along the way will spark new hope and, maybe even romance...


Madoka — Your Shy Childhood Friend

Madoka is a reliable engineer who’s always looking out for you. She’s good at working with machines, but it’s clear that this post-apocalyptic world is a little too much for her. Can you help her find the confidence to stand on her own?

Alanna — The Mutant with an Attitude

No one crosses Alanna and lives to tell the tale! She’s a mutant who knows the ins and outs of living off the land. She likes your determination, and her cool attitude immediately draws you in. Are you two a match made in heaven or will be overcome?

Tomi — The Awkward Robot Girl

In a world full of robots and mutants, who can you trust? Tomi is inquisitive—she wants to learn more about humans, especially how they interact. Her frank attitude and direct answers make for some awkward situations, but they only highlight her charm! How about giving her a lesson in human relations?
Genius Studio Japan Inc.
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Visual Novel
Single player