Words of Wonders: Search

Words of Wonders: Search

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Game overview

Explore wonders of the world and improve vocabulary with WoW: Search, a delightful crossword puzzle game with challenging offline levels.

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Get ready to embark on an exciting journey with Words of Wonders: Search, as you explore magnificent cities and unveil the hidden secrets of the seven wonders of the world. Lose yourself in this extraordinary crossword puzzle game that will improve your vocabulary and puzzle-solving skills. With each level, you'll have the chance to discover new words and explore the beauty of the English language, while combining letters to unravel the enigmatic puzzles.

Push yourself to the limits of English as you progress through WoW and utilize the various hint options at your disposal. As the boards get bigger, it becomes increasingly difficult to find new words, but you'll soon realize you've become more skilled in a short period of time. Gain rewards in the form of points and utilize creative animation hints for hard-to-find words, even on the toughest puzzles. Crossword puzzle enthusiasts will undoubtedly enjoy this journey, while improving their vocabulary and puzzle-solving capabilities.

Get creative with your strategy to uncover hidden words, whether you start with long or short words hidden in the depths of the board. Regardless, the wonderful world of WoW will take you on a journey to visit iconic landmarks in various countries. Here, you'll experience the unique mixture of modern and popular words alongside the richness of the English vocabulary.

As you progress through levels, you'll encounter various subjects, ranging from natural to historical and architectural wonders. Test your knowledge with thousands of words chosen from the most commonly used, and compete with the dictionary for mastery of the English language. With each level, you'll learn new words and improve your vocabulary, while experiencing the joy of discovering the world once again.

Use your word skills to uncover hidden words on the board and don't let deceitful letters mislead you. With each level, the unique database of WoW Search will present new challenges to tackle. From exploring the first wonder to reaching the top, don't forget to prove your mastery of the English language.

The game features a simple yet pleasant design and new monuments to explore. In WoW Search, the adventure never ends, with various levels and puzzles to conquer. Developed by the creators of Words of Wonders, WoW Search is a highly popular word search game that is guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours. Don't miss out on this epic adventure - start your journey today and let the fun begin!
Release date
Oct 17, 2019
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

Words of Wonders Search ll Voyage 1-14DADAY KHO
Words of Wonders : Search to full level #1Tank3rZ FoX3Z1 Shorts
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