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Word Forward: a beautifully simple but endlessly challenging word puzzle game with 500 puzzles to solve. Tricky and strategic, a brain-teaser that will really make you think!

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Enter the world of Word Forward, the ultimate word game played by millions! Renowned by critics as an exceptional brain-teaser and a source of endless fun, Word Forward is the perfect challenge for solo players. This well-executed word game presents a beautifully simple design that commands strategy and cunning, making every choice critically important. With 500 puzzles to solve, can you make all the words disappear and clear the board?

Unlike typical word games that require the cleverest and longest words, Word Forward challenges players to use every tile carefully to achieve victory in each puzzle. Strategy and cunning are essential - this game is a real brain-teaser that really makes you think! To succeed, you must SPELL words by tracing a line in any direction, including diagonally, using the letters in the 5x5 grid. In case you encounter difficulties, you can SWAP any two letters with one of the SWAP TOKENS that you earn throughout the gameplay. If the situation becomes even more difficult, JUMBLE the letters in the grid to replace all of them at once. The SWAP MODIFIER allows you to change the letter on any tile to any other letter you choose. Finally, to eliminate stubborn tiles, use the BOMBS to blast them away and get yourself out of a tight spot.

Word Forward is the latest brain-tingling puzzle game from the developers of Block Droppin Blitz. So don't hesitate! Enter the world of Word Forward and get ready to enjoy a fun and endlessly challenging word game experience like no other!
Release date
May 22, 2019
Single player

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