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Game overview

Survive on an unknown planet by building a strong base, improving skills, and collecting resources. Unite with allies, research technology, and fight in PvP battles.

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Embark on a thrilling expedition where you'll witness a spaceship carrying the last hope of the human race land on a mysterious planet. Embrace the challenges of the never-ending, tranquil desert where your primary task is to struggle and thrive by perpetually planting crops and extracting resources. The survival of humanity is at stake; hence we must endeavor to refine our skills, accumulate more resources and most importantly repair the spaceship that will transport us back to our cozy abode.

Constructing the base is a fundamental aspect that must be meticulously carried out to ensure our survival. Every member has distinct expertise, and it's our responsibility to build a robust base that accords with their individual skills. Build and upgrade diverse facilities to enhance our collective strength and acquire more resources. Extensive research must be conducted to forge ahead technologically for speedy spaceship construction and weapons formation.

Collaboration with allies has a significant role to play in our quest to defeat our foes; hence we must work synergistically to protect our alliance. The constant research of technology, gathering of mineral energy, and fortress reinforcement all work towards the achievement of our goal. Joining the cause of defending peace is our ultimate objective.

Dive into the exhilarating battle mode that comprises of real-time player-vs-player (PVP) battles on a colossal world map. Build a robust troop and forces that are capable of annihilating any enemy. To expand alliance territory, annexation of dangerous space creature's domains and enemy territories must be undertaken.

Survival on an alien planet comes with multiple tasks that must be meticulously undertaken to ensure we thrive. The planting of different crops that guarantee our existence, mining of minerals used for constructing our mighty abode, and hunting animals to serve as a supplement to our physical resources. Be bold, embrace the challenges and conquer the unknown planet to ensure the survival of humanity.
Release date
Dec 08, 2022

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