Wolf Game: Wild Animal Wars

Wolf Game: Wild Animal Wars

Special Gamez Technology Co., Ltd.
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Game overview

Lead your pack of wolves in real-time strategy battles to become the alpha, exploring and conquering with cross-server gameplay and alliances.

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Join forces with wolves from all corners of the globe and engage in skirmishes with rival packs, as you embark on an adventure of survival, exploration, hunting, challenges, and vengeance. As the Alpha wolf in charge, you'll guide your pack in defending their den while climbing to the top of the food chain in the untamed wild.


Powerful Wolfpack Assembly
Build a diverse team of wolves, consisting of the strong Timber Wolf, regal Gray Wolf, graceful Arctic Wolf, and enigmatic Black Wolf.

Lead Your Wolfpack
Manage your wolf pack and apply real-time tactics to protect your den and take down your foes. Find your way through the varied terrain of the wild map to reach your destination.

Join a Wolf Clan Alliance
Collaborate with likeminded gamers in an alliance to expand your influence and reign supreme over the wolf world together. Participate in player versus player battles against other packs to become the ruler of the wild.

Cross-Server Gameplay
Play with and compete against players from different servers in the same virtual setting, opening up new levels of exhilaration and challenges in this game. As a Wolf king, you can create alliances and engage in conflicts on a grand scale, putting your abilities to the test against competitors from all over the world.

Explore the Wilderness
Send out scouts to explore the vast expanse of the wild world, detect imminent border invasions, discover game tracks, and evade hunters seeking your pack's demise. This will ensure the survival of your Alpha and pack amid the savage wilderness.

Create a Wolf Kingdom
Formulate winning tactics and dominate the wild world, as you construct a wolf empire and assert yourself as the Alpha of your pack.

Seamless World Map
All in-game encounters takes place on a single, expansive map, with players and non-playable characters (NPC) residing within. There are no isolated bases or separate fight screens. The "infinite zoom" functionality on mobile allows players to navigate the world map and individual bases with ease. Natural obstacles like rivers, mountains, and strategic passes that must be captured to gain access to adjacent areas are some of the map features.

Important Note:
Wolf Game is a free-to-play animal-themed strategy game, with certain in-game items and features available for purchase as in-app options.

Playing the game requires a stable internet connection.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wolfgameEN
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@wolfgame__offical

EULA: https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/

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Special Gamez Technology Co., Ltd.
Release date
Aug 25, 2022

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