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Wilmot's Warehouse

Game overview

Puzzle game Wilmot's Warehouse challenges players to organize a variety of products in a warehouse to earn performance stars and upgrades.

Game description generated withAI

Get ready to step into the shoes of Wilmot in this fantastic puzzle game called Wilmot's Warehouse as you will be controlling and managing the day-to-day tasks within the warehouse. Your primary goal is to push, sort and stack an array of items that come through the warehouse. As time progresses, the goods filling up the warehouse will be more and will be challenging to manage. Your organizational skills will be put to the test since the game doesn't restrict you from arranging the items; you can sort by color, type, or any custom system you think works best.

In Wilmot's Warehouse, earning performance stars is crucial. The more people receive their items on time, the more stars you accumulate, which you'll need to upgrade and make the warehouse more efficient. You could also arrange the products in a Dewey Decimal System manner or use a wilder format that only you could understand. Always remember where you put everything since the service hatch will open, and you'll need to find what people want as quick as possible. The coveted Performance Stars are at stake!

Relax and immerse yourself in the game's unique gameplay, which features over 500 products to sort and organize. You also get to enjoy sublime electronic music while running the warehouse. Additionally, the game provides you with various upgrades and perks, allowing you to build a well-oiled machine of a warehouse. So, put on your thinking cap, and let your organizational skills soar as you take up the challenge of Wilmot's Warehouse!
Release date
May 20, 2020
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

Wilmot's Warehouse - The Best Warehouse Logistics Simulator Of All TimeMany A True Nerd
Wilmot's Warehouse - Launch TrailerFinji
Wilmot Warehouse Timelapse, 415m play, 200 types of wares, all upgrade,Murasaki Nebula
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