Wild Arms: Million Memories

Wild Arms: Million Memories

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Game overview

Wild Arms Million Memories" is a new RPG set in the "Wild Arms" universe, featuring classic series characters and new ones in a semi-automatic battle system.

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Wild Arms Million Memories" is the latest addition to the "Wild Arms" series, featuring a new story set on the planet Fargaia, bringing together characters from previous games and introducing new original ones.

■ Game Features
- Many characters, including previous protagonists from the series, are featured in the game! New chapters are also constantly added!
- In addition to the traditional main story progress, characters can be obtained through "Fragments of Hope Gacha"!
- The semi-automatic battle system allows for exhilarating gameplay!

■ Story
Roddy, a wandering bird who accepted the request to subdue a group that has been causing harm to the Boot Hill Village from the lord of the village, Tesla, sets off to the "West Wasteland" with the cheerful girl Virginia who begged him to take her along...

■ Easy and Exhilarating Semi-Automatic Battles
In the battle quest, players can form a party with up to three characters plus one supporter, and the game play runs from movement to attack automatically. However, during the automatic battle, players can intervene and control the movement, attacks, and the activation of ARM and Force abilities. Enjoy easy and exhilarating battles through the semi-automatic battle system!

■ Fight with the power of memories! Favorite characters and famous scenes appear as cards!
Various memories from the "Wild Arms" series, such as iconic scenes and characters, are appearing as "ARMS". An ARM is a card-shaped device that seals memories of "Fargaia" that exist somewhere and sometime in special metal pieces, which also contains great power. Players can use ARMs to perform special abilities in battles.

Kenichi Suzumura / Takahiro Sakurai/ Mikako Komatsu/ Ryoko Shiraishi/ Hiro Shimono/ Rie Takahashi/ Nao Toyama/ Rina Hidaka/ Hitomi Nabatame and more

○Produced by Akifumi Kaneko (ARIA entertainment)
○Music by Michiko Naruke
○Developed by WFS
○Animated by CloverWorks
○Distributed by ForwardWorks

◆◇About "Wild Arms"◇◆
"Wild Arms" is a role-playing game that was first released on the PlayStation in 1996. It was highly praised for its world view, which brought together western movies and fantasy, a strategic and game play system with a dramatic scenario and music. After the release of the second game, "Wild Arms Second Ignition," in 1999, anime and comic adaptations were also released. The series continued with seven titles released on the PlayStation 2, PSP and other platforms.

◆◇Recommended for those who◇◆
Love the "Wild Arms" series.
Enjoy game music on the PlayStation, especially by Michiko Naruke.
Have played "Wild Arms" on the PlayStation.
Want to enjoy a full-fledged story.
Want a smartphone action game that feels accomplished.
Want to enjoy the story and battles easily and quickly with automatic play.
Want to enjoy a free full-fledged RPG.
Want to play easy-to-use games for free.

【Recommended Operating Environment】
Android (Android 4.4 or higher, and devices compatible with OpenGL 3.0 or higher) / not compatible with x86

※ Machines that do not meet the above specifications are not supported or guaranteed.
※ Even if the above requirements are met, it may not work properly depending on the performance of the device and communication environment.
Official website: https://wild-arms.com/
ForwardWorks Corporation
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Single player
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