Who Let The Chickens Out?

Who Let The Chickens Out?

Vikas Pawar
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Game overview

Take aim and turn pesky chickens into delicious chicken leg pieces in "Who Let the Chickens Out?" featuring challenging levels, global leaderboard, and family-friendly fun.

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Step into the wild and wacky world of "Who Let the Chickens Out?" - a captivating game that presents a fresh and amusing approach to tackling a chicken infestation! Experience a comical adventure where your swift reflexes and unmatched accuracy will be tested as you take on these persistent birds. It's time to turn these clucking creatures into succulent chicken drumsticks!

1. Sharpen your shooting skills with expert precision: Tap into your inner sharpshooter and pick up your trusty sniper rifle to take down the troublesome chickens. Remember to proceed with caution, as every shot counts towards breaching their defenses!
2. Explore a plethora of challenging levels and peculiar environments: Stride into various locations and engage in an array of exciting levels. From your peaceful backyard to the animated farms, each level promises to be an enthralling hurdle to be overcome.
3. Score achievements and unlock mind-blowing rewards: Are you up for the challenge? see if you can unlock every one of them!
4. Clash with players from across the world and your friends using leaderboard (Game Services): Race to the top and showcase your chicken-eliminating prowess to players globally. Challenge your friends and relish the bragging rights that come with claiming the top spot - become the ultimate chicken guru!
5. Enjoy wholesome family-friendly entertainment: "Who Let the Chickens Out" embodies amusing gameplay that's appropriate for all ages, making it an excellent bonding opportunity that all family members can enjoy together. With hours of laughter and exciting challenges, this game promises to be a hit with everyone!
Vikas Pawar
Release date
Sep 18, 2023
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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