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Real-time battle royal with customizable AI girls. Gain "piece of memory" cards to upgrade and compete in a strategic, colorful world. iOS7+.

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Looking for a stunning and thrilling real-time battle royale game? Look no further! Play this exciting game that takes place in real-time, with the main mode being randomly generated world battle mode. Play with friends and family, or go solo and challenge yourself against other skilled players.

Update your AI girl using “Pieces of Memory”- cards which let you update your girl’s features or attack your opponent's characters. The more you update your girl, the more her body gains unique colors that express three different values - R, G, and B. This not only influences the girl’s appearance but also her status.

Experience a unique strategy game where the R, G, and B values of each girl affect each other. To be successful in the game, you must understand how to make your girl, and how to compete with other players. Utilize a wide range of strategies and skills and emerge victorious against your opponents.

This game is recommended for anyone who loves novelties and strategic games. It’s perfect for casual players and those who enjoy playing with friends for a fun game night. Customize your girl with various colors and themes to your liking.

The game has a unique world view. Long ago, our world was destroyed and consumed in white light, leading to the extinction of human beings. But before their disappearance, they realized that their existence must have held some meaning. As emotions began to emerge, various conflicts arose, leading to destruction. But there was hope. The challenge is to become the “White Girl”- one of the strongest characters in the game.

The game has only one requirement; it works with iPhone6 or similar and requires iOS7. To get more details about this game, visit the official "White Girl" website or follow them on Twitter. Download this game today! It's time to experience a new level of excitement!
Release date
Mar 19, 2018
Single player

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