Where is Ploppy?

Where is Ploppy?

Michael Temper
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Game overview

Where is Ploppy?" - A safe and fun hidden object game for children with no data storage & security mechanisms. Play for free with endless gameplay and cute stickers.

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Enjoy a delightful hidden object game with Where is Ploppy?, suitable for both kids and adults alike. As we understand how important your child's security is, we follow the guidelines for children’s games provided by Apple. But our commitment does not stop there - we believe that your children's data should remain private and not be saved anywhere. That is why we made sure that Where is Ploppy? does not store any data about your children to ensure their online safety. We also put in place additional security measures to avoid any unwanted exit from the app while playing. For instance, to avoid being taken out of the game by any links, we added a quick math problem that must be completed before anything else can be accessed. Our game is fittingly designed for colorblind children and non-readers too.

Do not hesitate to download Where is Ploppy? if you are looking for a game that would guarantee your child's online safety while they improve their memory skills.


Where is Ploppy? is a seek-and-find game where the player has to find the wanted Ploppy. The Ploppy characters are shuffled at the start of the game, and the player has to locate the required Ploppy. Some are fairly easy to locate, while some may require the player to be more observant and clear the board of any hindrances that may obstruct the view of the Ploppy. The wanted Ploppy can be randomized in the menu as many times as you like, making for an endless assortment of gameplay.


- Where is Ploppy? is free from payment, advertising, and in-app purchases. We are proud to introduce it as a mini-game and as a gateway into more Ploppy games - be sure to experience Ploppypop and Ploppy Pairs too!
- Playable even when not online.
- We made sure that every aspect of the game is designed just for kids, including the young ones who cannot read yet.
- Where is Ploppy? is a game that is played endlessly, with countless randomized cards.
- Get the chance to share your Ploppies with family and friends via iMessage, with the included Sticker Pack provided.
Michael Temper
Release date
May 19, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

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