GamesWhat's Your Hidden Power?

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Join a secret club and find true belonging amidst isolation and bullying in high school, with the help of three friends: Lina, Rikku, and Kira.

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Are you tired of living in solitude, haunted by your past and a victim of bullying? Do you dread the entrance ceremony of your new high school that promises to be the same as your previous school? The top secret Future Club is your only chance to escape this endless cycle of loneliness.


Meet Lina, the bright and cheerful leader of the Future Club who will guide and support you on your journey. Join forces with Rikku, your quiet and introverted classmate who shares common experiences and fears. Show her the courage and strength to face the world with you by her side. Reunite with Kira, your childhood friend, strong both physically and mentally due to her mastery of kendo. How will she react when she discovers the secret that has been haunting you?

Step into this world of high school intrigue and discover a place where you belong. Your future is in your hands!
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