What's Your Hidden Power?

What's Your Hidden Power?

Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Visual Novel

Game overview


With rumors from your past forcing you into a life of solitude, your lonely days show no signs of changing.

Even the entrance ceremony for your new high school holds no appeal—promising three more years of exactly the same isolation and bullying you were victim to all through middle school… Until someone sees you for who you truly are.

Dragged into a world you never thought you’d see as part of a top secret club, this is your chance to finally find a place where you belong!


Meet Lina

The cheerful leader of the Future Club who refuses to take ‘no’ for an answer, Lina has decided to take you under her wing. No matter where you go and what you do, Lina’s there to lend you a gentle, guiding hand.

With a quick wit and sharp eye, it won’t be long until you’re by her side!

Meet Rikku

Your quiet, soft-spoken classmate, Rikku happens to have more in common with you than you realize…

Haunted by her past and afraid of what might happen if she shows everyone her true abilities, Rikku tends to keep to herself. But when the two of you are standing side by side, can you give her the courage to face the world?

Meet Kira

Strong in mind and body thanks to years of kendo, Kira’s been by your side since you were both little. Now that you’re back in town after years away, she wants to rekindle the friendship you once shared…

But how will she react when the secret you’ve been hiding is revealed?
Genius Studio Japan Inc.
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Visual Novel
Single player