What the Golf?

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What the Golf?" is a hilarious, physics-based parody of golf, featuring absurd courses and challenges that will make you rethink golf altogether.

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Looking for a game that combines humor and physics-based gameplay? Look no further than this hilarious golf parody! You'll find yourself teeing up on some of the most unique courses you've ever seen, and you'll experience all the quirks and oddities that come with them. Whether you're driving your car around the range or sending a bird soaring through the air, you'll never know what to expect next.

With each new course comes a new surprise: some are brilliantly designed, others are simply absurd, but all will leave you asking yourself, "What the golf?" And when you finally manage to sink that shot, you'll feel a sense of satisfaction that you just won't find in a real golf game.

But don't be fooled into thinking this game is just for golf enthusiasts—far from it! The creators of this game know absolutely nothing about golf, so you won't find yourself becoming a better player just by playing. Instead, you'll be able to shed your preconceptions about what a golf game should be and enjoy a lighthearted, entertaining experience that's unlike anything you've ever played before.
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Release date
Sep 19, 2019
Single player


uper Gamer 22
uper Gamer 22from Skich app
What’s the golf? Is the best game ever...

Gameplay & Streams

What the Golf? (Full Game, No Commentary)Joshiball
THE WEIRDEST GOLF GAME EVER. (What The Golf)Sam Tabor Gaming
Zombey golft eine Katze. (What the Golf #1)Zombey
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