Western Guns: Episode 01 - Redemption

Western Guns: Episode 01 - Redemption

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Game overview

Saddle up and take on the role of an outlaw gunslinger in Western Guns Cowboys. Take down bandits and save the townsfolk with a variety of weapons.

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Howdy cowboys! If you're a fan of western games, you won't want to miss out on this opportunity to play this thrilling western-themed game. Gear up and get ready to saddle your horse, grab your guns, take on enemies, and defend the village from outlaws. You can also play in multiplayer mode and team up with your friends in this exciting wild west cowboy shooting game.

Western Guns Cowboys boasts some awesome features such as incredible cutscenes, detailing the game's history, and an amazing soundtrack that will transport you to the wild west. You get to use five different weapons to shoot down your foes - pistols, rifles, shotguns, two colts, and a premium version primitive machine gun. Get the outlaws with traps and explosive barrel TNT. You can even use a knife to stay incognito while taking down enemies. Crouch down to take enemies by surprise while they are sleeping, launch dynamites, and enter houses and climb on roofs to get valuable items. Trot or gallop on your horse and shoot down your enemies while riding or jump the fences to ambush enemies. Rescue the villagers and save them from the outlaws and deadly shooting. Furthermore, there is an entire 3D open world to explore where you can personalize your cowboy. There are four clothes to choose from and an automatic save/continue feature. You can even try to find and open the safe-deposit box by uncovering its secret in the western village.

In Western Guns 01: Wild Cowboys, you step into the shoes of an outlaw gunslinger who strikes a deal with the local sheriff to clean the towns of the bandit gangs and save the townsfolk. Be alert and watch out for enemies as they can come at you from all angles. Refer to the mini-map to spot nearby enemies and master moving and looking around quickly. Shooting is another aspect you should work on as picking up enemy weapons is crucial when you run out of ammo. You should also watch rewarded videos and purchase weapons to unlock them. You even get to ride a horse mount at some point in the game. Keep a lookout for valuable items that glitter in homes and structures. Eventually, you will meet Matt Jackson, the chief of the outlaws, and have a great duel following a gunfire duel. Be prepared for what is to come.

Additionally, you have the option to play in local (wifi) multiplayer mode with auto connection, making connecting with your friends at school or anywhere easy. Download Western Guns and become a heroic cowboy, defeat the bad outlaws, and enjoy your wild western adventure game for free!

Yee-haw! It's time to show your skills and prove yourself as the best wild west gunfighter in Western Guns Cowboys!
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