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Game overview

Werewolf game with up to 16 players. Hunt your friends or defend your village whilst uncovering the liars among your ranks. Join the Discord community or play ranked games for competition.

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Protect your locality from the powers of darkness or transform into a wolf-man and pursue your companions! Experience this thrilling game of mystery, fight for your team, and identify the impostors hiding in your team. Wolvesville permits up to 16 players per round, having varied teams ranging from ordinary villagers to werewolves, all struggling to be the final team surviving. Utilize unique capabilities to expose other players, and persuade your allies to collaborate with you.


● Engage in games with people globally

● Customize and design your avatar

● Gift roses to your loved ones

● Join high-ranking games for severe competition

● Unveil exclusive and exceptional items and outshine in the competition

● Explore a vibrant community on Discord with exclusive events, special rewards, etc.

😍😍😍 Deceit and dishonesty have never been so much fun! 😍😍😍

Encountering any glitches or recommendations? Discuss it on Discord: https://discord.gg/wolvesville. We love getting input!
Enjoy the hunt! 🐺

Legal Information:

Imprint: https://legal.wolvesville.com/imprint.html

Privacy policy: https://legal.wolvesville.com/privacy-policy.html

Terms of service: https://legal.wolvesville.com/tos.html
Wolvesville GmbH & Co. KG
Release date
Aug 02, 2018


Ceridfrom Skich app
Очень интересная
UnspokenGamingfrom Skich app
It's an ok game.The community is very toxic though...
Almin Numanovic
Almin Numanovicfrom Skich app
Game is 10 out of 10
Adyfrom Skich app
Fun but if you are not playing with your friends it is verry annoying...
Overlord Lord
Overlord Lordfrom Skich app
Игра хорошая, тип Мафии, норм затягивает...
Alex Mihail
Alex Mihailfrom Skich app
good game can be very challenging if you pay attention to the game...

Gameplay & Streams

Werewolf Online casual gameplay #99: Bloody tactic 😈JackF WWO
How to Play Werewolf Party GamewikiHow
Tutorial Werewolf (Party Game) di Andorid, iOS dan PCHardi Sidarta
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