Welcome to Genius High!

Welcome to Genius High!

Genius Studio Japan Inc.
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Attend an elite school for natural-born geniuses and meet three exceptional students: Karin, Chizuru, and Haruna. Discover their strengths and uncover their weaknesses.

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If you're a natural problem solver who can tackle anything with ease, get ready to be challenged like never before in the latest game sensation. In this elite school filled with geniuses like you, you'll need to use your quick thinking and strategy skills to stay ahead of the competition.

Meet Karin Mabuchi, the athletic hacker who's widely admired for her boundless knowledge and leadership skills. She seems almost too perfect. Then there's Chizuru Hanamiya, the eccentric inventor who's a technological genius, but struggles when it comes to human emotions and relationships. Finally, Haruna Nakamiya is a renowned artist whose creations touch the hearts of many, but she's a mystery when it comes to showing her own emotions.

With these unique characters, you'll be sure to experience a thrilling adventure that pushes your mind to the limit. Can you unravel the mysteries that lie within the walls of this elite school? Only time will tell.
Genius Studio Japan Inc.
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