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Unique 'roguelike' RPG game with 130 monster types, 300 items, and procedurally-generated dungeons featuring randomized danger and reward.

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Explore a diverse range of 300 items in this game, which you can use to fight against and defeat 130 unique monster types. The game involves strategizing, but it's not just a puzzle game. You need to be skilled in using both your inventory and weapons to win.

The game's replay value is heightened by its procedurally-generated dungeon and the many kinds of items you can find in each one. You might come across a good weapon early on in one game, but in another, you have to rely on wands, potions, or a combination of both. In the face of desperation, you might even take a chance and read an unidentified scroll...what will happen if it's a scroll of fire or a blessed scroll of teleportation?

This game takes the "roguelike" genre to a whole new level, offering you a fresh experience full of unexpected surprises. It's not just about reaching the end goal, but the adventure you have along the way. You may die often, but each death teaches you something new, and ultimately, you'll learn how to conquer the dungeon.

Once you reach the 300-foot mark, you'll be prompted to upgrade your character, which gives you access to the full dungeon. Each character type, like sorcerers and sorceresses, requires a one-time purchase, so you only need to pay for your preferred characters. These options are available in advance under "Options/Store."

Additionally, the game can be played on a variety of devices, including phones, tablets, and Android TV gamepads, and controls are tuned accordingly. If you're interested in playing previous versions of the game, visit
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