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Game overview

Wayfinder is an emergent art game with AI-generated poetry and unique visual assets assembled in real-time, blurring the lines between video game, poem, and animated short.

Game description generated withAI

Discover a mesmerizing and tranquil world with WAYFINDER, a generative art game that invites players to embark on a journey of reflection and connection with nature. In this mesmerizing game, the user takes the lead of a mystical character to wander through the forest, grasslands, and tundra in order to encounter hidden poetic tokens. When touched, these tokens reveal words hidden in the wind, inducing new life into the nearby flora and fauna. The flowers blossom at the character’s feet, trees grow new leaves, and birds and butterflies ecstatically soar into the sky, creating a melodious symphony of sounds.

In WAYFINDER, each journey is unique to the player and the environment itself. The game's visual elements are automatically produced in real-time, meaning that the game is being procedurally generated and delivered to the user on the fly. The lines of poetry featuring in the game's unseen language are produced using a blend of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and generative processes, leading to thousands of potential permutations. This makes WAYFINDER a constantly developing artwork with boundless possibilities.

Experience the array of emotions that this game offers, and enjoy the experience of playing something that blurs the line between video games, animation, and interactive poetry - all thanks to the brainchild and innovation of artist and creative coder Matt DesLauriers.

Please note that some compatibility issues may arise on older iPad devices that have been updated to OS 15.1.
National Film Board of Canada – Office national du film du Canada
Release date
Dec 08, 2021
Open world
Single player


3eqpfrom Skich app
Great game to chill for 1 hour. It's a beautiful visual story with freedom of movement and nice controls. Piece of art that can be played over and over again 🔥...

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