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Wavecade: Classic arcade shooter game with time manipulation, power-ups, abilities, multiplayer, game modes, customization, and hazards. It's a retro sci-fi adventure.

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Wavecade is a sensational arcade shooter game that pays tribute to cult classics like 'Space Invaders' and 'Galaga'. The game's retro ambiance authentically recreates the iconic sci-fi aesthetic of the 80s, instantly transporting players back to the golden age of arcades.

The game's most unique feature is the time manipulation, which allows players to bend time with ease and move up or down the screen while facing the challenges of each new wave. To ensure that players never get too comfortable, the game speeds up slightly after every wave, providing an added layer of challenge.

In each game, you can accumulate multiple power-ups to upgrade your ship and extend the duration of the power-up's effect. There's also the possibility of activating your ability when you're on the brink of defeat, saving yourself from a devastating "game over."

Block management is an essential part of Wavecade's gameplay strategy. players must attack blocks using quick reflexes, lining up shots with optimal accuracy, and avoiding the hazards at the same time. The blocks appear in various forms and move on the screen, adding even more challenge to the gameplay.

Wavecade's multiplayer mode lets players work together and demolish waves of blocks that are designed to take down even the strongest fleets. The game also features a leader board functionality that saves top scores for posterity.

For those seeking an added challenge, the game includes several game modes, including the option to customize your gameplay to match your personal preferences. Players can personalize their ships by selecting specific color palettes and choosing the game's propulsion effects.

Experienced speedrunners and leaderboard enthusiasts can set custom game modes to get the highest scores or fastest times and establish themselves as undisputed champions of Wavecade's world.
Andrew Spalato
Release date
Jan 04, 2023

Gameplay & Streams

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