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Play Studio Wasabi's Wolf Game, where players engage in a deadly game of deception, betrayal, and strategy to escape a mysterious building.

Welcome to Wasabi Games! This app collects various games from Studio Wasabi. Their works have already reached 3 million downloads worldwide. Want to experience exciting and thrilling moments easily? Try this app! Currently, you can enjoy playing "Wolf Game", "Eve Project", and "Captured Mansion". This app is particularly recommended for those who love death games, deduction games, escape games, and mystery-solving games. You can also enjoy escape games with stories and unique character attractions. The game is designed for those who want to experience an easy and heart-pounding operation while playing for free. Especially recommended is the "Wolf Game". "Now, choose one card." "It's an important card that will determine your fate." 12 men and women were suddenly gathered in a mysterious building and were involved in a game called "Wolf Game". Each person drew a card and was assigned the roles of a wolf or a sheep. The person who drew the wolf card must kill someone. A person who drew the sheep card has to correctly identify who the wolf is in a "Wolf Trial," and execute them. It's a deadly game that will determine if they can escape or not. Can they find the "wolf" and escape? What is the truth behind this "wolf game"? Everything will be revealed in the end. The game consists of the following three parts: 1. Exploration: Gather information about other participants while solving the puzzles and gimmicks in the building. 2. Wolf Trial: Battle against those who you think are "wolves" based on the evidence you've gathered and defeat them. 3. Escape: Will you be able to figure out the truth behind the "wolf game" at the end and survive? It holds the key to your escape. Regarding game reviewers who upload playthroughs, Wasabi Games welcomes all content. Second content creation is also welcomed! Please read the terms of service carefully before enjoying the content. Special thanks to the sound and music providers listed above, and to supporters who pledged through crowdfunding. *Please note that some users may find the game production partly grotesque. If this is not your thing, please be cautious. *The content of this escape game is entirely fictional and has nothing to do with any characters or organizations portrayed in the game.
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