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Warzone is a free, luck-free, customizable strategy game with thousands of maps, clans, tournaments, and mods to enjoy.

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Warzone is an extraordinary online strategy game that stands out for its ethical gameplay. Players can engage in single-player or multi-player modes, and no one is forced to spend a single penny to get ahead. In contrast, Warzone ensures that everyone is treated equally, regardless of their bank balance. All games in Warzone are polished and require a sound strategy to win, rather than any monetary help. The game welcomes every player with open arms, and it prides itself on being a community-oriented platform, with 10,000 games being played each day.

Another great feature of Warzone is that players can enjoy the game from their phone, tablet, or computer. Besides, it's a cross-platform game, which means that players can be matched with other players from different platforms, and still enjoy the game for free. Warzone is not only impressive in terms of how easy it is to access, but it's also asynchronous, meaning players can play games at their own pace. The game allows friends to play with each other even if they are not sticking to the same schedule. Warzone also has a diverse range of gameplay settings, giving players the power to customize their playing experience to meet their gaming needs.

In Warzone, fairness is a key feature. Unlike other games, luck doesn't play a role in determining the outcome of the game. Instead, skills are what matter, making it a true test of players' ability and tactics. Players can select from a vast range of maps, with some even boasting up to 3000 territories. They can even make their maps and watch replays of other players' games. For players who want an adrenaline rush, Warzone's faster gameplay is designed to get the heart pumping. Games can progress quickly, picking up speed, and delivering results at a faster rate than typical turn-based games.

Warzone also includes clans, cards, tournaments, ladders, quickmatch, and open games. Clans can be joined by players, and they can participate in clan wars. Cards, such as the Diplomacy Card, Spy Card, Airlift Card, and Blockade Card, have different effects and make the game more engaging. Tournaments can be held, and players can compete with each other, while ladders are platforms for players to showcase their skills and achievements. Quickmatch is a fun gameplay style that matches players with templates and skills that fit their interests. Meanwhile, open games allow flexibility for players to search for available games made by other players or craft their own.

Mods are an exciting feature of Warzone that players can use to customize the engine. All players, including those on phones and tablets, can access mods. Checking a box allows players to access specific mods in a shared game. There is no need to download them, which makes it convenient to use, and mods can be distributed automatically to all players who participate in that session.

In conclusion, Warzone is a unique and exceptional game that encompasses a wide range of features. It's not just an online strategy game, but it's a community. The game is available across various platforms, meaning players can play against each other for free, and it has no pay-to-win features. There is something for everyone, including single-player levels, multiplayer games, customizations, mods, and tournaments. Warzone brings players from all walks of life together, putting everyone on an equal footing, regardless of their playing skills.
Release date
Jul 31, 2013
Single player

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