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Wartune Mobile is a magical epic RPG adventure with strategic battles, castles, alliances, and mythical creatures to protect the world from chaos.

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Are you tired of mindlessly battling in auto-mode and tired of the same old boring numerical combinations? Step into the amazing and exhilarating world of Wartune, the super popular magic epic web game that has now been brought to life on your phone! Get ready for an immersive experience that will remind you of classical plays with a modern touch. Join the Empire Alamein and take part in maintaining the Wartune movement by fighting against abyss monsters that threaten to unleash chaos upon the world. But don't worry, you will have the protection of Tina, Priestess of Light, who will assist you in absorbing the chord and incorporate those forces into your own to make them even stronger. You will also have the chance to make a contract with and train the apotheosis of Sylphs to further enhance your power.

Experience a multitude of role-playing game adventures including instances battles, wild fighting, occupation, and plunder. You will also have the opportunity to manage your own ligeance and castles and team up with other players in the world to defend against the forces of Chaos. Together, you must fight to protect Gaia from the control and destruction of Hell fire devil Saros and bring the brightness back to Cloud City.

Wartune Mobile offers a stimulating gaming option that requires strategic thinking and decision making. As lords, you will have the power to engage in RPG simulation, S-semi TBS battle, castle constructions, occupation, and expelling - all aimed at turning you into the best. Enjoy magical epic plots that are enhanced by original prominent symphonies that transport you back to the ancient and magnificent medieval chapter. Military organization, runes, and strategies contribute to your super power, while contracts, awakening skills, and Sylphs crop training are all critical elements essential to overcoming boss battles.

Explore the wild, including mystical jungles, deserts, and snow mountains freely in the vast outer city map where you can discover the mysterious ancient treasure. Engage in alchemy, sewing, dispensing, forging, and equipment to enhance your weapons, armor, and other items. You can exchange and auction up leveled equips in the shops, while the avatar system provides customizable cool fashion, wings, mounts, and weapon appearances that can be combined to suit your unique style.

Enter the magical world of Wartune Mobile where heroism awaits you! Get ready for an amazing experience that will transport you to ancient times with a modern twist.

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