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Take over the world in Wartime Glory, a turn-based strategy game with special cards, historical battle maps, and online multiplayer.

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Wartime Glory is an engaging turn-based strategy board game that combines the classic Risk game with special cards that add an extra layer of tactics and strategy. Be entertained while you take over individual nations and dominate the world.

This game offers a variety of unique features, including online multiplayer in real-time, a practice mode against an astonishing artificial intelligence, war missions, and special challenges, as well as free-for-all battles or 2v2 in multiple maps based on World War 2's historic battles. Furthermore, Wartime Glory presents faction options like Axis and Allies and even funny fantasy ones.

Get ready to participate in an epic adventure of global domination while playing Wartime Glory, the ultimate turn-based strategy war-game that seamlessly combines the classic elements of Risk with innovative gameplay mechanics. This game will take you to the ages of conflict, from the chaos of WWII to the brink of WWIII, involving you in an immersive gameplay and strategic depth.

Your mission is to become a war commander who leads your army to conquer the world in Wartime Glory, inspired by the Risk game, adding a new taste to war and conquest games. Keep in mind that anything you do in this game involves a certain level of risk and your capability of assessing and managing these risks will determine your path to glory.

Unleash your tactical skills while invading enemy territories, devising intricate strategies, and outmaneuvering your opponents during an endless war. Be careful when choosing your allegiance of Axis and Allies factions since each has its unique risks, strengths, and weaknesses. Forge alliances, wage wars, and achieve world domination through your victory in strategized battles.

Wartime Glory is a war-game that reflects the realistic war experience, imitating the chaos and intensity of warfare through tactical command of your army and strategic strikes. As you navigate your troops through treacherous terrains and unexpected war challenges, your strategy will require modifications based on the battlefield's circumstances.

Incorporating special cards, Wartime Glory introduces a brand-new dimension of strategy and tactics to war. These potent cards provide distinctive abilities and advantages, allowing effective invasion possibilities during a war's critical moments. Bear in mind that using these cards comes with its specific risks and consequences.

Prepare yourself for war and participate in thrilling multiplayer battles against commanders worldwide, testing their skills and strategic planning during intense war-games that push for limit reaching. Rising through the ranks, earn glory and establish as a true world conqueror.

Embark on a journey for honor, glory, and the thrill of conquest and war, endeavouring to shape the course of history. Can you guide your army to success and claim global domination despite the risk? It's time to gather your forces, devise strategies, and dominate the world. The fate of nations rests in your hands, so take your chances and enter the realm of Wartime Glory. For more information and to play on PC, visit
Buldogo Games
Release date
Oct 17, 2013
Single player

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