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Game overview

Experience a seamless open-world with stunning 4K graphics in Prasia: The Land of Adventure. Join a guild and grow together in battles for territory.

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▣ Introduction of the Game ▣

■ World: A massive world connected as one in real-time without loading screens.
The world is more immersive with top-notch 4K graphics and more effects. Each action you take in the seamless single-channel world has a butterfly effect on the entire world.
Explore the enormous world of Prasia Era organically with your comrades.

■ Guilds: Personal growth through communication and cooperation with guilds.
Guilds have been added to Prasia Era, which is a user alliance unique to Prasia Era.
Conduct guild activities such as construction, mining, research, production, manufacturing, and management, and grow quickly.
With the development of the guild, unique characteristics and specializations of our bases are created, and as the guild grows stronger, you become stronger too.
You can also save resources and time with the help of assistants who perform troublesome activities for you.

■ Base Conquest: Wars between guilds to occupy bases.
The Prasia Era world has over 20 bases that you can own.
Start at the camp and fight with your guild to develop your territory.
We offer base conquest that anyone can easily enjoy through various ways such as combat, material support, and siege engine preparation.
If you love peace, don't worry, there are various forms of base conquest without conflict stress, such as guild campaigns.
Enjoy various strategic elements like those of an actual war, with physical distance and no time constraints.

■ Stance: Ability to strategically play by changing weapons and skills according to the situation.
The classes in Prasia Era have three stances. Changing stance allows the weapon to transform and role to change in real-time during combat, making flexible combat possible.
Utilize the advantages of each stance to experience the fun of various battles.

■ Factions: Robust story and an attractive worldview.
In each area of Prasia Era, there are factions with unique background stories.
They sell the best equipment for each area and support you through assistants.
Select your own main story and enjoy adventures by collaborating with factions with special personalities.

■ Assist Mode: Automatic play that explores the field 24 hours after the game ends.
You can control your character even when you are not logged into the game.
Prasia Era's assist mode supports advanced automatic play.
Are you tired and busy today? Don't worry.
For those who have different the play styles and times, we support you to play at your own pace.

■ Smartphone App Access Rights Guide
When using the app, access rights are required to provide the following services.

[Optional Access Rights]
Photos/Media/File Storage: Required for video storage, uploading of photos and videos.
Camera: Required to shoot photos and videos for uploading.
Microphone: Required for voice chat during the game.
Call: Needed to collect phone numbers for sending advertising messages.
Notification: Allows the app to post notifications related to the service.
※ You can use the service without agreeing to allow optional access rights.

[Method of Withdrawing Access Rights]
▶ Android 6.0 or higher: Select Settings > Apps > Permission Item Selection > Permission List > Select Agree or Cancel
▶ Android 6.0 or lower: Upgrade the operating system to revoke access rights or delete the app.
※ The app may not provide individual consent functions, but you can revoke access rights using the above method.
Developer Contact:
NEXON Company
Release date
Feb 06, 2023
Open world

Gameplay & Streams

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