Game overview

Build a kingdom, summon creatures and engage in epic battles against various enemies to expand your empire and collect legendary artifacts in Warmage.

Embark on an exciting journey with the Warmage – Craft a Kingdom, a fantasy-based indie strategy game, where you will immerse yourself in a world of heroes, summoned creatures, and magic. The objective of the game is simple – build your own kingdom, grow your territory and expand your empire by defeating your enemies and constructing a variety of buildings, including farmhouses, training halls, mercenary outposts, watchtowers, and summoning towers. As the game begins, you can choose between the campaign mode or a random battle against the AI. Before initiating a battle, you must train and equip your team with powerful weapons and make use of your perfect heroes. In Warmage, each unit has is unique and possesses different abilities, so make sure you strategize smartly to defeat your enemies. The game gets more engaging with the expansion of your territory, which allows you to create more farms, increase your food production and earn more gold. As you accumulate more gold, it grants you the power to build your kingdom stronger and grow even quicker. The game is incredibly easy to learn and is quite engaging, with a simple and user-friendly interface. With a quick auto combat battle, you can start your war and attack your enemies, which include orcs, bandits, lizardmen, dark mages, and draconians. Warmage brings you a perfect blend of idle battles and mini-games in multiple dimensions where you can relax while your team collects gold, XP, and items. You can also craft epic items and potions using the materials you collect and grow your crafting materials in farms. Explore the game's different dimensions, each having unique rules that give you an advantage and help you scale your kingdom successfully. You can play the campaign mode with a story or try the revolutionary new text dungeon mode, sending a single adventurer to explore the underground tunnels and collect XP and epic items while you're walking, running, or riding a bike. Also, Warmage introduces different legendary artifacts, such as wood staff, heal potions, summoning scrolls, silver swords, and more, ensuring that the game never gets monotonous. Use training to make your team stronger, try different tactics and combinations against various enemies, and conquer the darkness with your skillful leadership. Warmage's gameplay is simple yet engaging, with a user-friendly interface that allows you to tap and swipe your way through the game. You can always use the Help button for some useful tips. Note that this is an open-source game that utilizes graphics and sounds from the game and legal permissions. Updates to Warmage will come with planned new features like more mini-games such as the endless auto-combat game and mining game. If you have any suggestions, ideas, or bug reports, you can send them to Overall, with Warmage – Craft a Kingdom, you have all you need to build a kingdom, conquer your enemies, and revel in a world of fantasy and magic!
Release date
Nov 09, 2016
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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MU Legends - Going over the game [Warmage] Part 1 ( No Combat )Pohx Kappa
WarMage Battlegrounds: A Multiplayer Turn-based Tactical Strategy Game - Game TrailerPlayWarMage


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