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Warlock's Tower is a challenging retro puzzle game with 100+ levels, where each step is a life lost. Outsmart danger and solve increasingly complex puzzles.

Are you ready to take on a challenging puzzler that tests your problem-solving skills? Try your hand at Warlock's Tower - a game praised by critics for its minimalist design that maximizes its impact. Pocket Gamer calls it a must-play game with intense gameplay that keeps you engaged, while Gamezeebo raves about the stellar gameplay mechanics. Rock, Paper, Shotgun describes it as a deep and challenging puzzler, with elegant level design that offers a unique gaming experience. This retro-style puzzler boasts over 100 brain-bending rooms that will put even the most seasoned gamers to the test. But don't let its 8-bit graphics fool you; this game is anything but simple. Each move you make spells danger, as one misstep equals one life lost – and in a game where every move counts, you can expect to die a lot. The puzzles are set in a variety of locations, including dungeons, factories, libraries, and private chambers, each with its unique set of obstacles that stand between you and the Warlock's Tower's elusive letter. Zombies, flying eyes, and slimes are just a few of the enemies you'll encounter along the way. Be prepared to outwit them all as you progress through the levels. You can play alone or with a friend, tackling tricky tag-team stages that will put your cooperation skills to the test. Feel like you're back on the GameBoy™ of your childhood, with the game's retro 80s graphics and soundtrack, as you journey towards the coveted title of Mailman hero. Winner of two SBGames 2015 awards - Best Game Design and Best Game in Development - Warlock's Tower is the ultimate test of your puzzle-solving skills. So what are you waiting for? Reach the Warlock's Tower pinnacle and deliver that all-important letter.
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