GamesWarhammer: Doomwheel

Game overview

Build the ultimate Doomwheel and conquer foes of all shapes and sizes in this fast-paced infinite arcade adventure. Survive schemes, upgrade your wheel, and race to the top.

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Doomed by dwarves? Crushed by rival clans? Plagued by goblins? Look no further than Doomwheel!

The nefarious Skaven underworld is a maze of mischief, menace, and treachery. As a talented warlock enginseer for clan Skryre, your ultimate objective is to ascend up the rat hierarchy and fashion the most supreme engine of destruction: an unrivaled, high-speed Doomwheel.

Pilot your explosive Doomwheel across the battlegrounds in this enthralling, rapid-fire arcade odyssey. Obliterate, impale, electrocute, and pummel foes of every shape, size, and species as you expand your territory throughout the Old World. In your laboratory, build an even more lethal Doomwheel while fending off the revengeful plots of your double-crossing rivals.

As Ikit Claw exclaims, "No man-thing can aspire to outshine my brilliance, yes-yes! Let them venture to try!"


* Slay Skaven, orcs, dwarfs, and other adversaries
* Survive schemes from competing warlords such as Ikit Claw, Thanquol, Throgrim, Grimgor, and more
* Capture each region of the Warhammer world systematically
* Enhance and individualize your Doomwheel
* Enjoy one-touch gameplay
* Compete for supremacy on the scoreboards
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Single player
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