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Wargame: France 1940

Game overview

Fall of France" is a hex and counter wargame simulating the 1940 campaign in the Western Front with over 300 units and multiple options for both French and German players.

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Experience the epic and historic 1940 campaign in the West with this classic hex and counter wargame, simulating the famous Fall of France, Belgium, and Holland. This game is nothing short of monumental, boasting over 300 units, represented by Germany, Holland, Belgium, Britain, France, and Poland, including infantry, fortresses, tanks, parachutists and more.

As the French player, you'll face four different options, including the default and historical choice - Dyle plan. Here, you'll position your best armies to counter the expected attack from Germany by marching through Belgium. Another option for French players is the Escaut Plan - it's a more cautious and limited advance into Belgium, perfect for those who prefer a careful strategy. The No B.E.F. scenario is perfect for a hypothetical gameplay environment where Britain is neutral. Finally, the reserve option places the French 7th army in Paris, instead of being positioned at the extreme left of the Allied line.

The German player is spoilt for choice, having five options at their disposal. The Manstein Plan is the default choice and recreates the famous historical sickle cut through the Ardennes. The Hadler Plan recreates the variant on the old Schlieffen plan on a broad front in Belgium and Holland. The Belgium Plan is a concentrated thrust through Belgium, which would have met the Dyle plan head-on. However, the Compromise Plan offers a secondary thrust through the Ardennes and the main attack in Belgium. Lastly, the Strasbourg Hypothetical Plan features Panzergruppe Kleist, backed up by the 7th Army reinforced with 3 infantry corps attacking South of Strasbourg through the Maginot line.

Before grabbing a copy of this exciting game, it's advisable to try out the free game, "Wargame: Poland 1939", to ensure that your device is suitable for playing such simulation games.
David Kershaw
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Jan 08, 2014

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