GamesWarfront: The Zombie Shooter

Warfront: The Zombie Shooter

Game overview

Survive endless hordes of diverse zombies with an arsenal of firearms, melee weapons, and strategic traps in Warfront: The Zombie Shooter.

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Brace yourself for an epic confrontation in this thrilling roguelike expedition – “Warfront: The Zombie Shooter”. It's a never-ending, unforgiving and savage game where a legion of undead is closing in on you. To survive, it’s going to take more than your skills and mental prowess alone. You must possess a determination that is unbending, because every time you fall, you must rise up again! So, answer the call, and become the unyielding survivor that this world seeks.

🧟‍♂️ Endless Zombie Agony: Face an unremitting onslaught of different types of zombies that will challenge your every ability and resolution. Are you up for the challenge?

🔫 Arsenal of Devastation: Equip yourself with an extraordinary range of firearms, such as rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles and even miniguns. Obliterate the undead with the power of your weapon!

⚔️ Melee Combat Expertise: Engage in close combat by using a range of melee weapons such as baseball bats, axes, and even lightsabers. Bring down your foes with style!

🏹 Strategic Obstructions: Set up ingenious obstructions like roadblocks, spike barriers, and claymore mines to defeat the zombie hordes. It's all about survival!

🩸 Abundant Gore: Experience the thrill of gory kills and an intense display of ragdoll physics as you eliminate zombies in the most satisfying ways.

🎮 Custom Playground: Revel in the liberty to play the way you desire with the custom playground game mode. Customize the experience to your liking.

💪 Push Your Limits: The zombies keep coming, but you can gather weapons, tools and traps to safeguard yourself against the never-ending swarm. How long can you persist?

If you are a fanatic of intense zombie warfare, relentless defense tactics, and uninterrupted bloody combat, then this zombie-roguelike game is your ultimate destination. Download now and demonstrate that you have what it takes to survive in “Warfront: The Zombie Shooter”.
Astra Studios
Release date
Oct 04, 2023
Single player