War Tortoise 2

War Tortoise 2

Foursaken Media
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Game overview

Explore a vast world in a War Tortoise battle tank & unleash firepower to defeat enemies. Evolve & customize your Tortoise with abilities, pilots & support units.

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As the commander of the War Tortoise, a formidable combat machine, it's your duty to navigate an enormous open world while annihilating waves of enemies with your devastating firepower. With the option to play actively or passively, you can develop your own strategy as you explore the game's extensive universe. Unlock an array of pilots and heroes while further enhancing your Tortoise and supporting units with countless abilities. In your leisure time, fish and accumulate a diverse array of aquatic lifeforms. Embark on marvelous journeys, all the while endeavoring to bring peace back to the war-battered land.

Key features of the game include a vast, uninterrupted landscape that provides players with a unique blend of high-energy and laid-back gameplay styles. Customize your War Tortoise's weaponry and armor with a myriad of options as you discover new Pilots and Heroes. Employ the assistance of supporting units, while harnessing powerful permanent abilities acquired through fishing. Graphics are advanced, and the effects are truly awe-inspiring, with huge battlefields for the ultimate gaming experience. There's plenty more to discover in this game that's both action-packed and relaxed, allowing players to develop their own play style while encountering epic battles.
Foursaken Media
Release date
Mar 04, 2020
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

War Tortoise 2 Gameplay Beta (Android, iOS)Techzamazing
War Tortoise - level 5999 - 6000 - Gameplay - World Top 10Game B.A.B.E.
Masih Belum Cukup Level War Tortoise 2 (Adventure Mode)Aataufik A
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