War of Dragons 2016

War of Dragons 2016

Tap2Play, LLC (Ticker: TAPM)
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Take control of a dragon and wage epic war in War of Dragons 2016. Fly, spit fireballs, and fight medieval armies to reclaim your kingdom.

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Do you think dragons are extinct? Think again! The world of War of Dragons 2016 has revived these majestic creatures and placed you in control of one. Your mission is to reclaim your kingdom from the humans who have taken over. Fly your beast high in the sky as you rain down fireballs on your enemies or dive down swiftly to snatch your prey with your powerful claws. The humans occupying your land, including knights, vassals, and peasants, will all be your targets. The game merges fantasy and virtual reality in this amazing 3D creation.

As the leader of the dragons, keep watch over your kingdom from your rocky den. Engage in epic battles to take back what is rightfully yours from the knights, royal archers, and other mythical creatures that are guarding the high fortresses. War of Dragons 2016 offers an array of features to maximize your immersive gaming experience. The game has high-quality, detailed 3D graphics that make the medieval scenery come to life, vivid visual effects that are sure to impress, and smooth controls that ensure smooth gameplay.

Join in epic battles that will be remembered in legends and tales. The game boasts of a range of mythical creatures that are both breathtaking and terrifying. With realistic fire breathe and life-like animations, you will surely be awed by the action-packed combat scenes. Fight against invading knights, dragon slayers, and monsters, all who stand in your way of reclaiming your kingdom.

Tapinator, known for its development and publishing of games on mobile platforms, has put together a game that is sure to keep you engaged and entertained. With over 250 mobile gaming titles under their belt, Tapinator has managed over 350 million successful player downloads. So, are you ready to answer the call of the dragons and reclaim your medieval kingdom? Download War of Dragons 2016 now.
Tap2Play, LLC (Ticker: TAPM)
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