GamesWar Hex: Army men & tactics

Game overview

War Hex is a 4X turn-based strategy game. Conquer new hexes on the map, manage your army base, and train powerful troops to become the greatest army commander.

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War Hex is not your ordinary army game, it is a turn-based strategy game that offers a unique experience of tactical warfare during the WW2 era. Take control of your army base, direct your infantry and artillery, venture into uncharted hexes and unlock new technologies to reign supreme. Your ultimate goal is to outsmart and obliterate your enemies from the battlefield to become the greatest commander in history.

As the general of your civilization, you are tasked to wage war on hexes and conquer all. You must erect your military base from the ground up and establish different structures like barracks, recruitment camp, medical center, steel factory, and other essential buildings. Train your soldiers, lead them in battle, and carefully select tactics that will give you the upper hand against your enemies. Your rivals are vigilant and formidable, so you must be wise in every decision that you make.

Each hex is a challenge that needs your expertise in war strategies, powerful troops, and unwavering determination to dominate the world. You need to think outside the box, explore every unexplored area, and plan your attack to capture the military base of your opponents. In this world war, the best army commander takes all.

Main Features:

▶ Turn by turn strategy game that requires your full attention

▶ Multiple game modes for you to enjoy like Conquer and Rule, Fight for Survival, Zone Control, and many more!

▶ Set your sights on unique missions and boss fights that will test your limits

▶ 4x-game, which means to explore, expand, exploit and exterminate

▶ Use different types of units like tanks, infantry and warships, soldiers in trenches

▶ Recruit special heroes to boost your army, such as Hilda, Arnold, Chuck, and more!

▶ Equipped with Artificial Intelligence, rival armies possess advanced adaptation to provide you a balanced gaming experience

▶ Manage your strategy, explore new territories, conquer the world, and research new technologies

▶ Immerse yourself in low-poly graphics (WW2 era)

▶ The army is permanent, and progression continues even if you log out

If you want to rule the world, you must conquer, expand, exploit and exterminate your enemies - the main concept of War Hex. This game offers a distinctive experience of tactical manoeuvres where every move on the map matters. You must train your military units, be wary of trenches, and unlock new technologies to win the overall victory.

We at Noxgames 2023, want to make this game a memorable experience for all our players. We hope you enjoy our take on the WW2 tactical war game. Nonetheless, Your feedback is essential to us, so please let us know of any suggestions, comments, or ideas you may have:
Release date
Apr 28, 2022
Single player